Survival Gaming Nederland perks for our donators.

  • Donator discord role – Donators will receive a new role and will have access to a new donator channel
  • Donator support – Users are able to donate in order to receive prioritized support when needing help with in-game or out-of-game issues. This priority support DOES NOT give them the ability to receive perks that other players don’t, but means our staff team will prioritize helping them in situations.
  • Donator loadouts – We do not allow custom loadOut when new chars is spawning. Everyone can spawn with a random load-out
  • Donation items – Users are able to donate in order to conceptualize/design an item to be added to our mod-pack, such items will NOT be provided to the user personally and will be available to be purchased at the in-game traders and on the drop-tables for all users to find. 
  • Donation utilization – All donations provided to the community fund are used solely for the purpose of upkeep, promotion and maintenance of our community game servers and discord servers. These funds are NOT used outside of this community by anybody.
  • Future changes – All donations are given with the awareness that should any regulations change within the Bohemia Interactive Monetization rules, Discord Rules or otherwise, your donation perks may be suspended without refund/reimbursal. You are donating to support the community, NOT to gain access to perks.

Basic Perks

Donator Tier 1

  • Get a discord donator role

Donator Tier 2

  • All of the perks from earlier tiers
  • Access to our donator channel
  • Access to our Discord Trader Search engine

Donator Tier 3

  • All of the perks from earlier tiers
  • Access to our Discord killfeed channel
  • Custom flag + armband design *

All perks marked with a * are not available at this time but will be when monetization has been approved by bohemia